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Collectors and buyers of notes(收藏家与买家注释)

Collectors and buyers of notes:   1, The digital version of logos art painting, the first wholesale quantity is 100 copies each. 2, Restaurants, hotels and other places murals oil painting version customization, the specific price of oil paintings according to the specific size and the painter, about the price of 20000- 500000 US dollars, the specific price needs to negotiate. 3, The original price of logofather oil painting is generally higher, about 20,000-500,000 US dollars, depending on the published price of the published work. 4, The value of purchase, customization, collection is the development of the World Logos Garden, the popularity of logofather, the contribution of humanity, the influence of originality, the promotion of art change, research and development...

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Buying a Painting Guide (买画操作指南)

1,Click the button of the portrait symbol to register as a user 点击人像符号的按钮,注册成为用户     2,Click on the "create account" account or log in directly with facebook, gmail, twitter, linkedin, amazon account 点击“ create account” 账号,或者直接用facebook,gmail, twitter, linkedin, amazon账号直接登入 3,Fill out the form and click the Create Account button. 填表格,然后点击创建账号按钮   4,Fill in the blank of email and password, and the click the sign in button.  填写电子邮件和密码,然后单击登录按钮。     5,Click the memu button and then click the cross button, Click on the logos painting section after opening it. 单击“memu”按钮,然后单击十字按钮, 拉开之后点击logos painting 栏目 6,Click the painting that you want to buy 点击要买的画     7,Choose the size, and choose the frame, and then click add to cart, Then  will jump out of...

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Customer Note

At present, cigologo e-commerce website can create a free membership by clicking create an account, or click join us as a seller to become a seller member, but need a commercial bank account.   目前cigologo电子商务网站点击create an account可以免费注册网站会员,或者点击join us as a seller, 成为卖家会员,但是需要有商业的银行账户。

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