Calligraphy and painting are homologous书画同源

Calligraphy and painting are homologous书画同源

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There are three places in the painting and calligraphy here. Books as street lights, painted as houses, connected together, and in the same circle. The point of the book, and the circle where the painting is located, share a circle. The book s colorful logo and black beard look like abstract faces and a taste of the face. The paintings and paintings are the same as calligraphy, and they are written in the grid, but the murals of the house appear in the vision. At the same time, it is written in the framework of a traditional student practice writing. The book is used here as a nose, as if smelling the smell of a book, the book is connected to the house, showing the taste of the Chinese street lamp, the point of the book shares a circle with the word.









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