Iron Art Fairy Chinese Edition(铁艺童话)
Iron Art Fairy Chinese Edition(铁艺童话)
Iron Art Fairy Chinese Edition(铁艺童话)

Iron Art Fairy Chinese Edition(铁艺童话)

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Yanyu Grey small train rattled traveling, through the Bamboo Forest came to the town gate head, the bamboo hanging on Green qing(青), a common component of the Julia, to reach xihejiushi station into a Chinese word and Chinese color fairy dream. Here the Chinese is beautiful, as is the wrought iron, the color with natural, humanistic blend one.

Behind the Rose Garden has two giant roses, by the mouth(口) and round composition, is the ancient coin of the composition, the Rose line like a huge scarf as if in a vacuum of dreams, lay flat. Scarf brand called taste country, taken from the flowers in a circle around the port, the three port is a taste(品), guo(囗) that means country.

Yan Yu grey(燕羽灰) is a history of the train, the passengers from the poetry of Yan zhi directly sent to the modern the poem Rouge.

Carmine building, above which is yan(胭), and below is a zhi(脂), in shape like the modern Rouge cosmetics and lipstick, and yue in the yan(胭中的月) become into a ladder straight to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with the Navy blue of Green co-possession of the ladder, the green(青), three horizontal and one vertical into a guzheng. Zang(藏) is two back-to-back passengers in this short stay. Hide push a little red horse, the horse leather is a luxury, red color, white, grey composition, the red color is the red, two people face, white with Bunny, gray with pony, Upper Saddle looks like a Bunny, running up, far to see the rabbit becomes a knight, like riding a horse, really is“lvbu of the people,  Red Rabbit of the horse”, the meaningful; running when pulled out of the Travelers wrote the calligraphic volume, wrought iron fairy.

Children qiuxiang(秋香)in the Highlands dancing, while standing on the box, for a while with partners together. Feifei(非非) fields, reeking of rice fragrant.

Guzheng playing the song of xihejiushi, a kind of nomads, when girl married, pick the red flower, and make it into juice, so that it is condensed to rouge

, as ornaments, decoration on old zither, spiders weave, red flowers, began to fall into the Dai(黛) color of the robot, turned into a juice, like the rain, like the falling Go, solidified and became rouge and zhi(脂), the achievements itselves, but also the achievements of the others beauty.

Blue flowers, parachute, falling like skydiving, like, slowly jump to Rose, back to nature's embrace.

Goose yellow, like small trams in the sky slowly passing by.

Apricot red of the pier, the apricot(杏) is building, Red is the ship, the lookout tower is Wooden, the Windows are apricot, yaba(牙白) travelers guests of the lookout facing the sea, sipping a little wine.

shuilv(水绿) color's  Gree(绿) is the sea, but also sailing, shuilv's water(水) the can be light(水), because at the moment in the lantern.

 Floating clouds on the ocean, like sheep, gentle forward.













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