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From the Northern Song dynasty by Su Shi dingfengbo

出自 北宋的苏轼  《定风波》


Don't have to bother about what to wear Lin word leaves the sound of rain, including while the chant with shouts, while leisurely to go. Bamboo poles and Mans shoes nimble of more than horses, have what terrible! I draped one hygrophila, just in the rain on it for a lifetime. Chilly spring breeze the I of the wine blowing Wake up, I feel slightly cold. Hills early sky of the setting sun but earnest phase welcome. Looked back at a glance walked through the wind and rain bleak place, and I wander go back, either it doesn't matter wind and rain, it does not matter Sunny

不必去理会那穿林字打叶的雨声,不妨一边吟咏着长啸着,一边悠然地走。竹杖和芒鞋轻捷的更胜过马,有什么可怕!我披着一身蓑衣,只管在风雨中过上它一生。   料峭的春风将我的酒意吹醒,我感到有些微冷。山头初晴的斜阳却殷殷相迎。回头望一眼走过来的风雨萧瑟的地方,我信步归去,既无所谓风雨,也无所谓天晴。

logo with Tang.

Looking back has always been bleak place, no rain and no Sunny,with ideal meaning with A walk, and X meaning and English logo design.

The wind in X, is a small insect, the side side chant with shouts, while leisurely walking, English small insect in the wind, is the wind meanings. Oracle of wind, with three cameras. Rain, modern design, following A take i, do not will wear Lin beat ye the sound of rain, it is the same chant with shouts, while just walk, just in the rain on it loudly, on the shoulders of the sunset like like greet, chant a long whistle a, while leisurely to go. Oracle of the Learn, the meaning is the plume's mean, like angel wings, and following A walk on the road like a plug with the wings. The machine to recognize A Oracle in the snow, the machine in the exploration, humans had explored. The machine on inundated with snow, feeling very cold, but plug in the wings, it becomes very cool.

Mathematical Art, the Tang of the flag, so so much information all in one painting, because less is more.



风里的X,是一个小虫,一边一边吟咏着长啸着,一边悠然地走, 英文小虫在风里,也是风的含义。 甲骨文的风,带着三个摄像头。 雨,现代的设计,绿色的竹子也是雨,白色的斜纹是也是雨,白色的斜纹打在绿色的竹子,下面的A,牵着i,不理会穿林打叶的雨声,也是一样吟咏着长啸着,一边悠然地走,只管在风雨中过上它一声,肩膀上的斜阳般般相迎,吟咏着长啸着,一边悠然地走。 甲骨文的雪,意思是羽的意思,犹如天使的翅膀,与下面的A行走在路上犹如插着的翅膀。机器要认识的A,甲骨文中的雪,机器在探索的,人类曾经探索过。机器上飘着雪花,感觉很冷,但是插上了翅膀,就变得很酷。



Fuzzy logo design

i was an ideal person, the English is ideal for. Black calligraphic point is the head, is also a distant black hole, the blue part is the body, it is the Sky; 1/4 Red Circle places are the shoulders, is also the sun; the body left is the heart, but also the sky and clouds Chinese character logo, wearing the Tshirt prints, also is the climate symbol. For rain, he's like from an alien robot, topped with an abstract of the rain, for the road, he is like a tree in the road. Head with black and white two-color the A of A take a big i the ideal owner inside there is a i neck connected with i i, for the climate, he is a robot, for the road, it is a top of the rain, wind, sun power supply of the intelligent lights, the climate is changing, but A tightly holding i, AI, data-driven Earth rotating the black part is the belt, is also the road, also like the movie props, shoot the painting in the painting green and yellow strip pants, also is a wheat field, wheat fields with text but also with graphics, there are Chinese, there are also in English. Text back is a frame, consisting of a gallery, computer, picture in i of the scenario in the field of wheat painted in the painting is a J and the back consisting of a fisherman, consisting of the mouth in singing poetry like jazz. Recursion is very halo like recursion in the picture of the fisherman and hippies cool music, but recursion is also very beautiful, because let the old go around, the Beauty really is a center,Need unlimited inheritance forever. A have a few copy of A, i have a few copy of i, that is AI, Big A and little i in the AI is such can be recursive. This is our civilization. Clarity is Beauty, Blur is the U.S.-China beauty, beauty in the beauty. So J there is a saxophone of j,this J is music symbols 1/2, Blow the saxophone, the composition of the nose, the circle seemingly vinyl LP, like the eyes, 1/2 of a circle and the black rectangle that looks like a piano, like the mouth and teeth. J, besides J or a different face, you see how you look and who you are. Opposite the lyricist is a fisherman, hat Last Word of the upper portion, the collar is back to the word of the lower portion, the hat pattern and the fisherman face consisting of the first word. Looking back at the text, looking back is a human face, sometimes the picture is clear, the text is vague, sometimes the text is blurred, the picture is clear, the logo is text is an image, such as wave-particle duality of. Your information is vague, your position is vague, but your beauty is clear. Singing the poetry of the fisherman, looking at the opposite of singing jazz. through the makeup of the hippies, but her face was like a mischievous little mouse in the blowing Saxophone, the integration of the poetry of the words, jazz tune.

If the machine recognize the blurred logo of the data set, then the machine will have a class of people of wisdom.



i是个理想者,英文是ideal。 黑色的书法的点是头部, 也是遥远的黑洞, 蓝色的部分是身体,也是天空; 1/4红色圆的地方是肩膀,也是太阳;身体左面是心脏,同时也是天空中的白云 中文字的logo,穿着的Tshirt的印花,也是气候的象征。 对于雨,他像来自外星的机器人,淋着抽象雨, 对于路,他像一颗大树在路上。 头部带有黑白两色的A的A牵着一个大i理想者里面有一个i脖子连接着i的i, 对于气候,他是一个机器人, 对于路,它是一个有上面的雨,风,太阳发电供给的智能路灯, 对的,气候在变化, 但A紧紧牵着i,组成了AI,数据驱动着地球旋转 黑色的部分是腰带,也是道路, 也像电影道具拍着画中的画 绿色和黄色的条状裤子,也是麦田, 麦田里有文字也有图形,有中文也有英文。 中文字回,是个相框,组成画廊,电脑里的画中i中的情景中的麦田中画中的画是一个J和回首组成的渔夫组成的嘴中唱着的诗歌般的爵士。 递归很晕犹如递归中的画面中的渔夫和嬉皮士酷炫的音乐,但递归也很美,因为饶老绕去,美真的是中心,需要无限继承下去。A有几个复制的A,i有几个复制的i,这就是AI,大A和小i在AI里就是这样可以递归。 这就是我们的文明。 清晰是美,模糊是美中之美。 所以J中还有一个萨克斯的j,这个J是音乐符号的1/2,吹着萨克斯,组成了鼻子,圆圈看似黑胶碟,又像眼睛, 1/2个圆和黑白长方形,看上去像钢琴,又像嘴巴和牙齿。 J,除了J还是一张不同的脸,就看你怎么看和你是谁。 对面的作词家是一个渔夫, 帽子上回字的上部分,领子是回字的下部分, 帽子的花纹和渔夫脸组成了首字。 回首是文字,回首是人脸,有时图片是清晰的,文字是模糊的,有时文字是模糊的,图片是清晰的, logo是文字也是图像,就如波粒二象性。 你的信息是模糊的,你的位置是模糊的,但你美是清晰的。 唱着唐诗的渔夫,遥望对面的唱着爵士的化过浓妆的嬉皮士,但她的脸又像一只调皮的小老鼠在吹着萨克斯, 融合出唐诗的词,爵士的调。



 The differential ideal by i, The Integral of humans. Straight line of the road, the curve of the planet. Countless movies are connected in a straight line path. Countless people i connected into a curve of the integral planet. Each piece of the sky interpretation of the different plot, different people, different story. The same dream.


微分的理想者(i),积分的人类。 直线的道路,曲线的星球。 无数的电影相连成直线的道路。 无数的人(i)相连成曲线的积分星球。 每一片天空演绎着不同的剧情, 不同的人,不同的故事。 同一个梦。

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